How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

“I want my ex back but it just not yet time”. There is this girl who thought that the guy that she is with for sometime is the right one for her. They have been together for a wonderful year and a half that she didn’t notice that the relationship is starting to fall apart. They already have plans of getting married in four years time. They have even decided on how many children they will have, three that is two boys and a girl. They even had names for them: Zeke, Zia and Melo Green. She was happy yet he was starting to feel lonely. She started to get demanding but he lost the drive to meet her demands. Her jealousy and insecurities became destructive and that pushed him away. He broke up with her assuring her that he’s still in love with her and that they will work things out when they see each other again after three months. Her heart was broken and her first words were “I want my ex back!” She was going to do everything just to have him back. The break wasn’t easy. She was in denial for two weeks and then she told herself “I want my ex back” but this time she is giving up in the relationship at the moment. At that moment, the words I want my ex back meant accepting the break up.

These words I want my ex back made her wait for the right moment and plan on the things that she should do to make sure that she was going to have him back. The first thing that she did is to accept the break up. She didn’t even argue with him when he broke the relationship off. All that she did was to agree with him. She didn’t even try to beg and plead. She just accepted the truth and tried to control her emotions. She thought “I want my ex back” so she had to reflect on the relationship. She assessed what happened and what have gone wrong with her relationship with him. After finding out the reasons of the break up, she tried fixing these areas within herself. She chose to fix on herself than assuming that he will change. She decided to get rid of her bad habits and traits that pushed her love away and worked on the good traits that she had which made him fall in love with her. There are some simple things that she had done to improve her. She didn’t tell him she wanted him back, instead she kept her distance believing that men always want what they can’t have and most of all, they like mysterious girls. She told herself “I want my ex back” and she showed him what he was missing. She decided to look good physically. She started going out with her friends making him feel that she still can enjoy life without him. He talked to her online and she replied in short messages after four or five minutes. He sent text messages and even tried calling her but she was determined to make him wish he never broke up with her. She remembered that when they weren’t together, she wasn’t giving him attention and that made him chase her. And now she’s doing it again. She has been with this guy for a year and a half and she knows her so well. She still tells herself, “I want my ex back” but the truth is she doesn’t want him back as badly as she did before.

Breaking up can tear a person’s personality but for this strong and purpose-driven girl, this stage in her life when the love of her life left her made her a better person and made her realize the things that she wanted in her life. Three months have gone and they have seen each other again. “I want my ex back”, she said but when she saw him she didn’t feel any spark. “I want my ex back,” this time she was sure but when they bond she doesn’t get the feelings that she used to. “I want my ex back,” she told herself but she didn’t feel any attraction anymore. The guy who broke up with her was doing everything just to have her back again but then she didn’t want him back. He said “I want my ex back” but that three months has changed her feelings. She succeeded in making her ex boyfriend want her back. But everything that she’s been through without him had made her stronger

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